Senior Move Management

Von Paris with its Senior Move Management is dedicated to assisting senior adults transition into new living situations through personalized move assistance services and support.

Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way as your advocate, to ensure a smooth transition. With our hands-on service, we can offer expertise in the following areas.

  • Develop a move plan
  • Organize & Sort Belongings
  • Downsize & De-Cluttering
  • Draw up customized floor plans of your new home
  • Staging of house to sell
  • Coordinate all move details
  • Pack belongings
  • Unpack & set up new home
  • Removal of items for sale or charity donations
  • Utility Transfers


Senior Adults In Transitions

Von Paris Senior Move Management specializes in providing assistance to seniors who are transitioning into new living situations.

Recognized as a leader in the growing field of Senior Move Management, Von Paris maintains a robust portfolio of relocation and moving management services. The experienced and highly skilled team of relocation management experts from Von Paris handles everything from the initial planning through the move,

to the final settling in at your new location whether it is an active, independent living community, or assisted living facility.

Von Paris has been providing a concierge approach for seniors moving to all sorts of lifestyle communities across the United States. With Von Paris’s moving and storage experience and our services that are focused on assembling and coordinating a seamless and finely orchestrated transition experience for each and every customer, our senior move customers are in good hands.

Addressing the Challenges of a Senior Adult Move

At some point most seniors face the need of downsizing, selling their home or apartment, and then packing and moving to a new location. It can be absolutely overwhelming. Von Paris directly addresses these challenges, making it easier for those planning a move.

Von Paris Moving and Storage maintains strategic partnerships with realtors, senior move managers and downsizing experts who are selected for their ability to deliver premium service and excellent value. We certify their ability to adhere to the highest quality standards.

Whether it is a local, intrastate, or interstate move, the Von Paris Moving & Storage relocation counselor serves the customer as an advocate in all aspects of the relocation process. The Von Paris Moving & Storage relocation counselor provides advocacy in the following ways taking the burden off of you:

  • Provides valuable materials for education and guidance
  • Assesses each customer’s relocation needs
  • Offers high quality local real estate agent referrals
  • Oversees real estate agents to provide Broker Price Opinions and reviews the reports
  • Assists in real estate agent selection and list price determination
  • Proactively monitors the marketing phase, offers, and contingencies
  • Offers and coordinates a wide array of discounted moving services
  • Serves customer as a hire/fire resource for all service providers
  • One-stop, personalized attention

Prepare For Packing

If you choose to do some or all of your own packing in preparation for your move, it’s especially important to become familiar with the techniques and boxes that will best protect your possessions. However, Von Paris offers the option of packing and crating for you gives you the option to have them do all your packing and crating, as well as disassembling and re-assembling furniture.

Here are a few general suggestions from Von Paris that will make packing easier:

  • Pack items first that aren’t used often or are out-of-season.
  • Start packing as soon as possible with help of family and friends.
  • Don’t pack any flammable items.
  • Use generous amounts of paper inside the carton on the top and bottom to provide good cushion.
  • List contents and room on the outside of the carton.
  • Clearly mark “Fragile” on the outside of cartons.
  • Use clean newsprint paper. Old newspapers work in some cases, but use carefully because the ink may rub off onto items. Von Paris can arrange to supply you with all the packing materials and moving supplies you’ll need.
  • Write “Open First” on cartons containing essential items such as cooking utensils, toiletries, etc.
  • Separate breakables and non-breakables.
  • Pack cartons tightly so items don’t shift.
  • Use professional packing tape, which Von Paris can supply. Masking tape isn’t strong enough to support fully packed cartons.


Moving for some seniors is one of life’s most difficult experiences. Leaving a home after 30, 40, or even 50 years of time is not only a physical change of place, but also often an emotional experience. Moving requires physical effort, mental sharpness for all those minute decisions, and lots of lots of energy. It can become completely overwhelming at the prospect of making decisions about so many things.

Using the services of Von Paris Moving & Storage, you can have the heavy burden lifted from your shoulders. If you are considering a move for yourself or a loved one and need assistance, we are here to answer your questions.

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