International Moving

International moving is made easy when you select an experienced, well-respected international mover like Von Paris International. Developing a reputation as a quality service provider for international moves comes from years of international focus, experience, and global relationship building.

International relocations take a great deal of time and effort to coordinate. They often require two to three months or more of preparation and planning for that overseas move. When moving internationally, we suggest planning well ahead, and doing plenty of homework about your new country.

International Moving

Learn From Expats

One of the best ways to do this is to talk to people who have already gone through the experience. These online chat rooms make this possible.


Von Paris International not only provides you with specialized international packing, wrapping, crating and containerization of your household goods, but also will take care of the many other details associated with an international relocation.

This includes guiding you through customs requirements and the step-by-step forwarding process. Our international moving division is specialized and staffed with dedicated team members with many years of international moving experience and expertise. From the initial planning stage and throughout the entire relocation process, a Von Paris International Move Manager Specialist, will assist you in every detail of your relocation.

Our international moving experience along with our attention to details continues to produce outstanding award winning customer service. Von Paris International remains your best choice as international movers.

Special Considerations for International Moves

The Storage Container

When you move overseas you will need a storage container company to handle the shipping of your household goods. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover shipping overseas household items or vehicles while in transit. Therefore, you will need to purchase a special policy to cover all your items against damage, loss, or theft while the international moving container is in transit.

Documentation of Container’s Contents

Careful document of everything that is packed into the storage container is important for an international move.

Before the moving container is picked up and removed from your premises, our Von Paris International Move Manager Specialist will make sure that the container(s) are sealed and assigned a tag number. We recommend that you keep all related documentation with you while your moving container is in transit.

Once the Moving Container Arrives

Upon delivery inspect the container for any visible signs of damage. Do not sign off on the delivery until you have done so. Our International move partner has the moving of containers down to a science, however, ships can experience turbulent weather while in transit and moving containers may get jostled. Therefor, it is better to always check.

International Moving

Essential Documents for Your International Move

These include:

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Inoculation records
  • Important shipping information including the international mover’s name and address, your container number, number of units and seal numbers
  • Container ship’s departure date and its expected arrival date
  • Cash and credit cards


International Moving Checklist

Without the proper international moving company, an international move will not be easy. You need to plan and re-check all details along with your Von Paris International Move Manager Specialist, if you want this moving experience to be a success. The following checklist will help take care of everything you need before an international move.

    1. Obtain All the Necessary Paperwork:

All countries require visas for foreigners who plan to reside or work for an extended period of time. Depending on which country you move to, you and your family may need passports. Speak with an official of the country’s embassy or consulate to ensure you have the correct information. Often you will need to visit the embassy in person to get a visa. Be ready to provide such documentation as marriage and birth certificates in order to get a visa. Since there is often different work, student, and visitor visas available, makes sure you have the proper visa for each member of the family. If you are planning on bring the family pet, find out what all the requirements are from the country’s embassy or consulate.

    1. Pick an International Moving Company:

Von Paris International will guide you through customs requirements and the step-by-step forwarding process. With an international moving division that has many years of international moving experience and expertise, Von Paris International takes care of the many details associated with an international relocation.

    1. Determine What to Bring and What to Store:

Most people do not ship all their belongings for an international move. It is easier to purchase large furniture after arrival. Without adapters and voltage converters 120-volt electrical appliances will not even work on most foreign electric systems. Such items should be put into storage.
Personal items that remind you of home and appropriate clothing should be packed. Most people who make an international move suggest bringing a few months’ supply of toiletries and medications until you find local alternatives, and all irreplaceable items such a valuable jewelry.

    1. Choose Schools for Children:

If possible, arrange your children’s schooling before you depart. Ask the U.S. embassy and expatriate contacts in your new country for recommendations for schooling. By contacting potential schools, you will be able to determine whether their curriculum, facilities, and class sizes will be a good fit for your child / children. Language is another consideration. Research both the international and local schools.

    1. Want to Ship your Car?

There are a number of answers you need before deciding to ship your car. Speaking with your Von Paris International Move Manager Specialist and the country’s embassy for advice and planning regarding shipping your car will be helpful. You need to ask whether there are special duties or tariffs on car imports? Will your driver’s license be valid? What is the cost of a car rental or car? Will you have parking capabilities at your new location?

    1. Packing Items for Shipping or Taking With You:

Most of your things such as furniture will be packed in a container to ship. Having said that, remember that international shipping is slow. It may be weeks or even months before all shipping containers arrive. For that reason, you pack separately anything you will need for the short term such as important documents, seasonal clothing, special medications, and favorite children’s toys.

    1. Arrange Your Contact Information:

Since people will need to contact you before, during, and after your move, have a domestic phone number working until the last moment before departure. If you cannot get a cell phone that works both at home and in the new country, plan to obtain a new phone as soon as possible. Of course having internet access will help friends and family back home keep in touch, as well as allow your international moving company to stay in touch.

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Mistakes When Moving Internationally

Mistake #1

Not hiring a professional international moving company with expertise in international moving.

You want your items to be packed properly and their shipping containers packed correctly. Ask your moving company:

  • How familiar they are with packing for international transit.
  • How many international moves do they handle per year?

Mistake #2

Not being organized before the big move.

Clearly separate those items that are intended for storage, those items, which will be shipped, and everything you plan to carry with you. A good technique is to use different-colored paper to indicate which category an item belongs in.
Close off a room in the house for everything you plan to bring in your suitcases or carry-on. Packers will move quickly and want only the items to be shipped or stored packed in the correct containers. Get the non-allowable list of items from your movers so that they can be separated and disposed of before moving day,

Mistake #3

Failure to be able to communicate.

Don’t go incommunicado. Always have a landline or, preferably, a cell phone on hand so you and your moving company can communicate. Also give your moving company someone they can contact in the U.S. if anything should come up while you are in transit. Also, provide an up-to-date list of contact details prior to departure.

Mistake #4

Cutting it too close

Leave enough time in between the day of your move, when everything is loaded on the truck, and when you are scheduled to leave the country. It is wise to have at least a one-day buffer between the move day and your departure. Tight schedules can blowback and create a disaster if problems arise due to weather, traffic, or manpower.

Although your international moving company will give an approximate delivery schedule, there can be all sorts of delays that are out-of-their hands. Customs and the business of the season could add days or weeks to a shipment’s transit time. For most overseas points, it is several weeks before you see your shipment again. From the U.S. to most western European countries, it will be at least a month. It could be over two months to ship to inland countries such as Russia.

If you are planning on bringing the family pet, find out which countries require medical clearance for pets.

Mistake #5

Not knowing or understanding the country’s shipping rules.

To learn more about the regulations in your destination country, check with the moving company overseeing your move and the U.S. Embassy in your new country or the country’s consulate.

Know the answers to these questions:

  • Does the country you’re moving to require you to be there before importing your goods?
  • What happens if you are delayed and your shipment arrives before you?
  • Will the shipment sit at the port pending customs clearance resulting in hefty port storage costs?
  • What documents do you need to proceed with the customs clearance of your goods?

Making an international move with Von Paris International will alleviate a great deal many potential issues. Your Von Paris International Move Manager Specialist can answer any questions you may have.

We suggest that you be prepared and aware of any potential issues. When moving internationally, it’s all about the front-end preparation work. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to move. With Von Paris International Moving and Storage at your side, moving internationally is made easy.

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