Commercial Local Moving Services

Von Paris Corporate Services is a fully licensed and insured office moving / commercial relocation and storage management company. With our expertise we can provide a full complement of comprehensive moving services businesses would need for either a local move within Maryland, Delaware, Washington, DC, and Virginia or a move anywhere in the United States.

We are an A+ rated accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

The Von Paris fleet of various sized trucks allows us to easily customize any of our commercial moving and storage services to meet your specific commercial local moving needs. Our trucks are equipped with air ride suspension to provide a smoother ride. Our drivers and service personnel have an average of 21 years of experience.

Choosing Von Paris as your commercial mover will open the door to an entire menu of services such as moving, storage, data center relocations, library moving, recycling and disposal services. We will help you plan, budget, and organize your commercial business relocation from start to finish.

Pricing options vary based on the type of move, the distance, the time of year and the optional services requested. Generally, local moving is performed on a time and material basis; however our Von Paris Corporate Services Moving Consultants shall work closely with each customer to provide as accurate an estimate as possible.

We customize our services around the needs of our commercial clients. With over one hundred and twenty-three years of industry experience and knowledge, Von Paris Corporate Services has established an impeccable reputation for honesty, integrity and outstanding quality service.

Cargo Protection Policies for Office Moves

Von Paris provides each of our commercial clients with a comprehensive menu of valuation protection options (Full Value Protection) for use in the event of loss or damage to items being moved. Depending on the chosen option, additional fees may apply. Carriers limited liability of $.30 cents per pound, with a $50.00 maximum per item, is provided for no additional charge.
Valuation may be requested in $5000 increments. Please discuss our protection policies with your Von Paris Office Moving Consultant.

Von Paris Commercial Services Offer:

  • Office Moves, Adds, Changes
  • Warehousing & Asset Management
  • Installation and Reconfigurations of Modular Systems Furniture
  • Computer Disconnect & Reconnect
  • Re-usable Packing Crates (the “green” alternative to cardboard boxes)
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Museum Quality Climate Controlled Storage
  • Data Center Relocations
  • Logistics and High Value Product Shipping / Tracking
  • Interstate Relocations of High Value Items and Trade Show Materials
  • Library Moves
  • Relocation Services For High Value Art
  • E-cycling and Disposal Services
  • Full Replacement Valuation (cargo coverage)
  • Packing Material
  • Custom Materials Handling Equipment Availability
  • Custom Labels and Signage
  • Building Protection – Origin & Destination
  • Move Planning and Layout Assistance
  • Bolting and/or seismic bracing
  • Clean-room Relocation


Additional Services Include:

  • Office Space Planning
  • Comprehensive Project Consulting & Planning
  • Lab Area Set Ups
  • Crate construction
  • Tech bench assembly and installation
  • Large equipment moving
  • Furniture Repairs


Modular Furniture Installation and reconfiguration is difficult to deal with during an office move. Von Paris Corporate Services offers a qualified, efficient installation service that can help ensure proper installation of your existing or new modular product. Regardless of the manufacturer, our installation teams are the best and will integrate seamlessly into the service delivery process. Eliminate multiple vendors and sporadic accountability by employing our professional installation service.

Electronic disconnect and reconnect is a monumental service that most IT departments are unprepared to deal with during relocation. The amount of simple, but time-consuming work required disconnecting, packing, labeling, reconnecting and powering-up each computer, fax, and printer, phone, or other peripheral can be overwhelming. The trained personnel of the Von Paris Tech Team can handle the “grunt tech” work and allow your highly trained IT staff to focus its attention on connectivity and application issues.

Warehouse Storage and Asset Management services are one of our specialties. Our 3 Von Paris warehouses are equipped with bar-coded inventory systems to efficiently and accurately track all of the goods as they are received, stored and delivered out. Whether you need assistance with a distribution project, hospitality services or an excess of office furniture and equipment, we can provide the expertise that you need to store and track your inventory. Pricing options for this service are customizable to meet your needs.

Our transportation network can provide fast, economical and reliable service for your total transportation solutions regardless of what you are shipping or where. Office moving, product shipping, trade show, high value items, and international services are available anywhere in the world. Our Von Paris Employee Relocation program is the best in the business and provides high-touch, family focused service for your employees.


Whether you need storage for trade show exhibits, distribution services, records management or other asset management solutions, Von Paris Moving & Storage has you covered.

The local Von Paris storage facilities offer a number of different storage options for businesses from traditional full service storage to any of our unique storage options:

  • Self Storage
  • Portable On Site Storage
  • Door To Door Storage


Our Von Paris Portable Storage program adds flexibility to your storage options. Von Paris offers a range of portable storage options up to, and including, dedicated 48-foot storage trailers. Our weather resistant Von Paris Portable Storage vaults can be delivered to your business where they can be loaded by your people or ours.

Businesses have successfully utilized Von Paris Portable Storage options in a variety of ways such as:

    • Storing Seasonal Merchandise

Von Paris Portable Storage provides convenient logistics, distribution and supply chain solutions by holding and balancing inventory according to market and seasonal fluctuations without cluttering the business’s actual selling space.

    • Construction & Renovations for Commercial Offices and Residential homes

Protect office equipment and furniture, retail items, store fixtures, signage, and other items while your business is being renovated.

    • New Store Openings

Need some sort of storage space while your store is being readied for its opening? Von Paris Portable Storage options are perfect not only for your merchandise, but also for window and display fixtures, signage, promotional items, supplies, and office furniture offsite storage.

    • Extra inventory

Store merchandise, window and display fixtures, signage, promotional items, apparel, supplies, and office furniture storage offsite to make valuable square footage previously dedicated to storage available for selling.

    • Seasonal decorations and signage

Don’t clutter your business storing holiday decorations, outdoor furniture or displays and signage. Use the portable storage option of a Von Paris Portable Storage vault. It’s easy to retrieve whatever you need at the beginning of the next season.


Von Paris offers design and space planning, which are required elements of any office move, even without systems furniture. It is vital that existing products fit within the new space for not only aesthetic, but also for safety reasons. Proper space planning ensures that your new office is compliant with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

At Von Paris, we encourage customers to inspect our facilities and compare us to the competition. We are extremely confident that you will be impressed with the clean, secure, organized environment of our full service heated storage facilities which are equipped with specialized air handling units for proper climate-controlled storage.