Residential Moving Services

Every family’s moving needs are unique, and no two household moves are the same. At Von Paris we can customize our moving services to meet your needs, schedule, and budget. Our local moving services come in all shapes and sizes as do our moving boxes and moving vans. Von Paris has the experience and expertise to guide you through the entire moving process.

Our experienced customer service team offers a full-range of services. We begin by listening and paying close attention to the requirements of the customer believing that no concern is too small nor request is too big.

A Von Paris moving consultant will perform an in home visual survey of your household goods and create a detailed list of items to be transported. The survey will also help us determine specific packing and special handling requirements of the more sensitive items that may require a little “extra special care” and attention.

Von Paris takes the guesswork out of how much your move will cost by providing a written moving estimate for all moving services pertaining to your unique move. Generally, local moving is performed on an hourly rate. On interstate consumer moves (from one state to another state), through our preferred van line partner NorthAmerican Van Lines, Von Paris can provide price certainty with a guaranteed price.

Pricing options very based on the type of move, the distance and the time of year. We work closely with each customer to provide as accurate an estimate as possible.

Why Many People Hire Professional Movers

While it may be enticing to attempt a “do-it-yourself” move to save some money, particularly if it is a local move, the time and effort involved may not be worth it. If you have a house full of furniture, large unwieldy items such as a piano or oversized book cases, a lot of small items to be packed in boxes or valuable items such as antiques, fragile art objects, etc. it is generally more practical to hire a professional moving company. Self-moves often take more time than having professional movers come in, pack up, load, and then transport all your belongings to the new home. Self-moves require finding a place where you can purchase all the necessary moving supplies, packing your boxes, reserving some type of rental moving truck, lugging all of your furniture and boxes to the rental van, loading, traveling the distance to the new location, unloading, and then carrying everything into the new place. A self-move can turn into an ordeal and ultimately not be worth the few dollars saved.

After considering all the above factors, hiring professional home movers may be the more cost-effective solution. The professional movers at Von Paris, with the skill and expertise learned through many years in the moving business, will efficiently handle the packing, loading, transporting and delivery of your household goods. Our personalized approach and attention to detail will make your move less stressful for you and your family.

Von Paris Offers a Full-range of Residential Moving Services

Regardless of your budget, needs or required moving services, Von Paris will always take every reasonable precaution with your belongings to protect them while they are in our care.

Our services can include:

  • A visit by a Von Paris Personal Moving Consultant to your residence for A Free onsite written estimate.
  • The assigning of a Von Paris Personal Move Manager to assist throughout your relocation/ move.
  • Full Service Packing: If requested, Von Paris will provide a full service packing option and cost estimate to pack everything in your home into large and small moving boxes
  • Fragile Only Packing: Von Paris can create a custom packing plan based on a “Fragile Pack” where we only pack items identified during the estimate visit as being extra fragile.
  • Self-Pack: Although you will do all the packing, we will share many packing tips with you and can arrange for all the packing materials and moving supplies such as boxes, newsprint, bubble wrap and tape.
  • Residence Protection is used to protect the railings, tight corners, doors, and floors.
  • Floor runners are used to keep high traffic areas clean during the move.
  • Loading: the Von Paris moving crew will label and inventory all carrier-packed moving boxes based on the designated room placement in your new home. Such preplanning expedites a more efficient “placement process” for both the customer and the moving crew.
  • Unloading: Our moving crew will move all belongings into the rooms the customer designates.
  • Optional debris removal and the unpacking of the professionally, carrier packed boxes is available. Such optional services are priced in advance.
  • Both temporary and long term storage are available in our clean, secure, state of the art storage facility. These optional services are priced in advance.
  • Storage services in Von Paris Portable Storage (VPPS) vault containers can be provided either at origin or destination. These optional services are priced in advance.
  • Climate controlled storage of sensitive fine art and other special items is likewise priced and requested in advance. Your Moving Consultant can assist with these requests.
  • Our Moving Consultant and Move Manager can also provide Third Party Specialty Services for specialized crating, the disconnect and reconnect of appliances, hot tubs, or disassembly and reassembly of large more complex items both in and outside the home.
  • We can also arrange for cleaning services
  • With proper advance planning, a certificate of insurance to satisfy building management requirements will be provided when needed, at no additional charge.


Affordable Packing Solutions for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Choosing between self-packing and full service packing options is a decision you must make. Von Paris makes finding the appropriate moving supplies easy. If you decide to self-pack, we will still provide a helping hand. Our affordable packing material packaging options ensure that your self-packing process goes smoothly.

Packing Materials

Since possessions come in a variety of unique shapes and weights, Von Paris offers various sized moving boxes, custom cartons, mirror cartons, wardrobe cartons and mattress boxes at reasonable prices. Other moving supplies include:

  • Newsprint for wrapping items to place in boxes
  • Bubble wrap and stretch-wrap
  • Bundles of packing paper
  • Rolls of tape
             CARTON DIMENSIONS        AND         TYPICAL USAGE

  • BOOK (17”x13”x12”) —– Books, CDs, Canned Goods, Heavy Items
  • MEDIUM (18”x18”x17”) —– All Purpose Items, Clothes, Pots & Pans, Linens
  • LARGE (24”x18”x24”) —– Lightweight Items, Lampshades, Clothes
  • DISHPACK (28.5”x18.5”x18”) —– China, Stemware, Kitchenware, Fragile Items
  • MIRROR SET (40”x60”x4”) —– Larger Pictures, Mirrors, Glass Tops
  • Wardrobe (24”x21”x48”) —– Hanging Garments


You can easily purchase all the necessary moving supplies at one place: Von Paris Moving & Storage.

Moving & Storage

Often there is a need for storage of household goods when transitioning between homes. There are numerous reasons as to why people use a moving and storage facility to house some of their belongings during a transition period. Von Paris is not only a moving company, but also a storage company offering convenient, secure, and efficiently managed moving and storage facilities.

The Von Paris’ Reputation

With over one hundred and twenty-three years of industry service, Von Paris has established an impeccable reputation for honesty, integrity and outstanding quality service. Our crews are well trained, sensitive to customer needs as well as being friendly. That is just one of the many reasons why from generation to generation families keep coming back to Von Paris: “The Mover With The Gentle Touch” Since 1892.